Spring Term Highlights

This Spring term we have been busy practising, perfecting and practising some more! Each week we have been focusing on different skills ; most recently handstands, somersaults and rolls in all directions. These fundamental skills build the foundations for those advanced and complex routines on bars, beam, vault and floor.

If you head over to our Facebook page you will find some video clips of our fabulous gymnasts working on their handstands and rolls, we are so impressed with their progress!





Benefits of Handstands:

Handstands are so fun but also an extremely beneficial skill for gymnastics training. Not only will they contribute to further skills but they will give you super core strength. Staying upside down forces you to stabilise your muscles, therefore you are constantly working your abs and other key muscle groups. It will also strengthen your bones, especially shoulders, arms and wrists. Handstands also most certainly build your upper body strength, as well as increasing your balance.

Handstands can also make you happy! 🙂 Whilst in the handstand pose, the blood is naturally flowing to your brain, giving a calming and energising feeling. This can relieve headaches and stress and can really boost your mood. So let’s all take a look at the world upside-down for a while!

Benefits of Forward rolls:

We’ve been Rolling every way we can here at Links, so lets look at the benefits of this foundation skill. A forward roll is most likely one of the first skills a gymnast will learn. While the forward roll seems like an easy, basic skill, it is a very important foundation for further, more complex skills in gymnastics. Practising forward rolls will help our gymnasts to develop healthy bones, work on core muscle strength, maintain flexibility, build confidence and develop balance and co-ordination. These rolls are the building blocks of future tumbles, flicks and somersaults!

What amazing highlights for the spring term so far! Keep up the good work everybody, we’re very excited to see what the Summer term has in store!

Team Links

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