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Covid-19 Update – 18th March 2020

Please find below an update on the club status, operating procedures and next steps.

We appreciate your understanding and support during these uncharted times.

Current Operating Status

Links Gymnastics are working in line with schools and Leisure Facilities and will remain open and providing classes until these provisions close (although it does feel that closure is imminent).

Please consider whether you wish to attend.

We will continue with strong hygiene measures including taking additional steps:

  • SESSIONS AT THE MARIST –  PARENTS/GUARDIANS are asked to remain outside of all school facilities including the sports hall to reduce social/physical contact. A coach will be available to ensure the gymnasts enter the facilities safely.
  • SESSIONS AT WINDSOR LEISURE CENTRE – we recommend drop off to a coach and then return following lessons (we of course understand if this is not possible with younger gymnasts).



  • We will be continuing to ask all gymnasts to wash their hands before entering the gym.
  • Gymnasts will also be asked to use hand sanitiser before entering and when leaving the gym.
  • Please do not come to classes if you, your child or any household member develops symptoms, please avoid attending the club, follow household self-isolation principles and follow government advice.
  • Please do not attend if you or any household member has developed symptoms including fever or a persistent cough.
  • Coaches will be providing verbal coaching only.


If you decide it is in your best interests not to attend classes, please be assured that any classes that are cancelled/not attended will be rescheduled at a future date and/or applied as credits to the following:

  • Access to make up classes/make up sessions.
  • Access to Holiday camp sessions
  • Credits to purchase club kit or towards future Links Gymnastics events


To Keep Our Gymnasts Active – FURTHER UPDATES TO FOLLOW!

As a club, Links Gymnastics is looking to be as proactive as possible to keep our kids active and ensure that as a small business and gymnastics club that we can continue in the future.

  • We are looking into doing LIVE gymnastics classes for our gymnasts (and parents/guardians if you so wish) for fitness, strengthening and flexibility
  • We will be looking to create videos for the floor routines that the gymnasts can practice for our championships in July 2020.
  • We are Aiming to do LIVE Badge testing (if not completed already) or review videos submitted of the skills you are required to do for your award so we can test you remotely!
  • Provide gymnastics worksheets to complete at home
  • LoveAdmin (our membership system) have committed to providing the below services for free for users:
    • You can record your own videos or get access to over 60 of our pre-recorded videos for the BG Proficiency Awards.
    • As the gymnasts records their practice on the app, they are rewarded ‘credits’ which parents can decide how they’re spent (for example, time on the Xbox).
    • Online gymnastics content to keep kids entertained and inspired. LoveAdmin has over 100+ YouTube gymnastics videos that have been watched and verified by the team members at LoveAdmin.
    • The team at LoveAdmin can publish these videos to appear on a timeline on the app and you, as we as club managers, can see what’s being published, edit which classes see it, or, delete the video to prevent it going out.


Let’s Keep Our children fit and Active and engaged in sport!


Summer Term

We are continuing to plan for the Summer Term as usual which will start from after the Easter holidays. Payment requests for the Summer Term will continue to be sent out to secure spaces. This is particularly important to ensure the club can continue but also as we may need to temporarily reduce the number of coaches in classes and therefore spaces may be limited.


We are doing everything possible to keep our gymnasts engaged and active during these uncertain times and we will continue to look at ways we can look after our members.


However, we continue to need your support. As a Not for Profit club, we rely heavily on your support and membership to provide the training and employment for our gymnasts and staff, and our aim is to remain open and continue the training of all gymnasts who are not affected, and to ensure we are safe, operational and functioning for when others are able to return. In addition, as a club we need to meet our ongoing regular financial commitments, therefore, we ask for your continued membership during these times of turbulence, which will help sustain LGC post the effects of this outbreak.


Kind Regards,


Anna Linklater Kilburn

Founder & Director Links Gymnastics (Berkshire) Ltd

Links Gymnastics Club is a ‘Not for Profit’ Organisation, Ltd by Guarantee, dedicated to the growth and development of gymnastics in our local community of Berkshire.

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